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***Vendor Space is limited, and we try not to overlap items and offerings. Call or e-mail early for the best chance at securing a space. ** Spaces needing electrical services will be an additional $25-$35

Forms can be e-mailed, delivered in person or mailed to the City Offices.
Email: finance@hoopercity.com

Mail to: 
Hooper City
5580 W 4600 S
Hooper, UT 84315
Make checks payable to : HOOPER CITY

2019 Applications not accepted until March 1st.


  • Grounds open for set-up at 7:00 am, Vendor gate is located on the North-East corner of the park.
  • Please be sure to list ALL ITEMS -- In order to provide merchants with the best sales opportunities, and to allow Tomato Days attendees to sample the widest variety of goods and food, we reserve the right to refuse duplication of goods or food booths.
  • Please note: some duplication may occur.
  • *All food booths must meet the requirements of the Weber County Health Department.
  • Deadline to apply is August 8th, 2018.
  • Upon acceptance, each vendor must submit all fees no later than Thursday, August 8th , 2019, there will be no refunds after Thursday, August 8th, 2019, additional fees for "day of" registration.
  • Destruction to the park will not be tolerated.
  • Vendors are responsible for cleaning up ALL GARBAGE & RECYCLING around their area.
  • Space provided: 10 foot x 10 foot space maximum. Each vendor must supply their own tables or other display equipment. Umbrellas, tents, canopies, or other weather protection devices will be supplied by each vendor. Every exhibitor must provide his/her own display boards, easels and any other display items. Vendors MUST provide weights to hold down their umbrella, canopy or tents.

 Those who request electricity, be aware of the following:

  • Bring your own heavy duty extension cord, at least 75 ft. in length.
  • Electricity is limited 


Payment  We accept cash, check, VISA or MasterCard. Checks are to be made payable to 'Hooper City'.  Full payment must be received within 2 weeks of application submission.  Please mail copy of completed vendor contract with payment to 'Hooper City' 5580 w 4600 s Hooper, UT 84315 or drop off in person to Hooper City Offices,
Questions? Call 801-732-1064

1-Day 2-DaysVendor Type


 $75.00Commercial/Non-Profit Vendors ex: Business, Marketing
$50.00 $75.00ARTISAN Vendor ex: Crafts, handmade items
$75.00  $100.00 

 Food Vendor

 ex: tent space only, pre-packaged food 
$100.00 $150.00Food Truck/Trailer ex: Food trucks, food trailers, onsite cooking 
FreeFreeFarmers MarketProduce ONLY
Want to be part of  Hooper Tomato Days  2019?
August 31st and September 2nd

Vendors Welcome
  • Commercial Booths
  • Food Vendors
  • Farmers Market
  • Craft Fair
  • Non Profits


Tomato Days will be the sole and ONLY provider for bottle beverages and water. Tomato Days is a ®PEPSI partner.

For additional information on Craft Fair and Commercial Booths contact:

Hooper City Offices 801-732-1064